This piece was my reaction to the story of a little girl named Marquishia whose life was too short and tragic. I think she deserved more than her fate, and wrote this lullaby to sooth my own grief after following the developing story in the news, as it happened.

“… Lloyd and Toombs told Culver City police Sept. 22, 1992, that Marquishia had disappeared during a shopping trip at the Fox Hills Mall. In the days that followed, Toombs appeared on television to ask help in finding the missing girl.

“When police summoned Lloyd and Toombs to the Culver City station for further questioning Sept. 28, the women admitted that the first story was a fabrication. They said that Marquishia had drowned accidentally in a bathtub at Toombs’ home in Ontario.

“The women told police they panicked after the girl died and Lloyd dumped Marquishia’s body beside a lonely stretch of road in the Lucerne Valley…”

Arthur Breur
Piano Solo
Sheet Music Single
Contemporary Classical, Funeral
Early Intermediate