Sweet, harmonically simple, and distinct, with a haunting melody.

From the composer:
Very likely my second composition ever, composed in my early teens with my sister Margie in mind. I’ve always thought of it as “her” theme, even though there has never been a version of it in print until now. I guess after I continued composing more and more, I eventually thought this piece was too simplistic to share in its original format. I did record a more “upbeat” version, “Strollin’ with B”, with synthesized instruments, but this is how I tend to think of the piece: in its original, tender, beautiful, graceful form.

I’m very grateful to my sister, Margie, and thankful every day that she has been a part of my life.

Duration: 3m5s

Arthur Breur
Piano Solo
Sheet Music Single
Contemporary Classical, Post-Romantic, Children’s Music