Here is the piece Arthur Breur composed for the family and friends of Zayne Shomler, December 14, 1998 – February 8, 2016.  Prior to performing the piece, he spoke to the assembled mourners with the following prepared text:

It does no disservice to laugh or smile — or, yes, to cry — when remembering Zayne. He is a part of your life and always will remain so. You carry him into your future with you.

Likewise, it does him no service to unjustly obsess over things that are now unchangeable. Things said that cannot be unsaid. Things done that cannot be undone. Things not done that you feel you should have done. It does not serve Zayne or anyone to beat yourself up over such things, because then you just carry pain and sadness into your future with you, when you could be carrying —and sharing—the joy, the love, and the lessons you learned from having Zayne in your life for the time that you did.

All that you can do is what you can do now. Let those who are here now know that you love them and you are here for them. Be here for them now, and be here with them every moment you can into the future.

There is a very powerful and meaningful quote by the late author, Terry Pratchett: “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away…” I personally find great hope and comfort in that saying. Do your best to make as many ripples in the world as possible—heck, make a splash! Touch as many lives as possible. Remember those who created ripples that touched your life, and to keep those ripples going for as long as it is in your power to do so.

You carry Zayne into your future with you. In you. You carry him into the future by Remembering Zayne and sharing the good that he brought into your life, so that the ripples he made continue to go out and touch others through you.

3m 20s
Arthur Breur
Piano Solo
Sheet Music Single
21st Century, Contemporary Classical, Post-Romantic, Funeral
Early Intermediate