(This is the same sheet music as but with a the photographic cover page.)
Note from the composer:
“This is piece was composed for and dedicated to my friend, the Persian composer Sepehr Keyhani.  Originally titled ‘In Motion’, I added ‘Sky’ to the title because I learned that ‘Sepehr’ means ‘sky’—it seemed appropriate. The feel is very movie score, and once I knew that the piece was going to have that feel, I ran with it—even finishing the composition by adding a solo intro line that (in a movie) would be played over the last two clever spoken lines from the two protagonists. Note: The S-E-P-E-H-R motif appears 42 times in the piece, not including partial or modified appearances.”(Advanced left hand with long reaches.)Audio of performance by Carlos Márquez, for reference, available at:
Arthur Breur
4m 25s
Piano Solo
Sheet Music Single
21st Century, Contemporary Classical, Etudes and Exercises
Advanced Intermediate